Vintage Scandinavian, Brazilian and Italian furniture mainly from the 1950s to the 1970s. Discover a collection of timeless furniture masterpieces selected as "LLOYD'S GALLERY" by Lloyd's Antiques.

美しく独創的なデザインが数多く生み出された1950年代から1970年代の北欧、ブラジル、イギリスのヴィンテージ家具。 国や年代の枠を超えたカテゴリーの名品を、「ロイズギャラリー」としてロイズ・アンティークスがセレクトしました。 私たちが後世に残したいと思うアンティーク・ヴィンテージ家具の魅力をお楽しみください。

Lloyd's Sustainable
Antique = Sustainable
Not to create new products, but rather to discover the charm of old products and use them with care for a long time.
As a matter of fact, it is the most sustainable lifestyle.
Lloyd’s Antiques is here to help you.

About Lloyd’s Antiques

Save the Antiques

Lloyd's Antiques proposes a more sophisticated and beautiful life through antique furniture. Furniture that has been handed down through the years is newly restored and passed on to the next generation. Helping furniture to live on into the next generation without being discarded.We believe that antique furniture is an ethical and enriching lifestyle choice that is in harmony with your precious time.



Public Use

At Lloyd's Antiques, we have a large selection of antique furniture that can be used in shops, offices and other commercial facilities and various public facilities. From our initial conceptual proposal to space layout, we introduce a style in antiques that cannot be found anywhere else. Please feel free to consult us.