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French Club Chair

The reproduction series is special furniture domestically manufactured in accordance with specific construction methods. A contemporary sense is added to the design that is faithful to the original.


Made from 100% natural materials, we propose a chair that is thoroughly French made without making any compromises.
The French Club Chair, as its name suggests, is a chair that represents France. Because the backrest is similar to the shape of a moustache, it is also called a “Moustache chair” and has become a design loved not only in France but also in other countries around the world from the olden times until now.
Lloyd’s Antiques’ French club chair is manufactured in a domestic factory in France, and it uses French products for all of the parts, ranging from the leather to the wood in the frame, as well.



Full Grain Sheep Skin is used which is very rare as a sofa application. Since it is light and has a fine texture, the special characteristic of sheepskin is that it is very soft to the touch.
Also, the sheepskin used in the sofas is said to be very expensive and gives a high added value. Because the area that can be taken from one sheep is small, we use about 12 skins for a one-seater sofa. For this reason, by closely examining the skin at the purchase stage, we are procuring quality skin in good condition.
So the skin selected in this way uses full grain which gives the most natural texture. As it is natural, we do not hide the scratches, file it down, polish or smooth it; it is made of the highest quality fiber structure and is characterized by high durability.

ソファ用途としては大変珍しい、Full Grain Sheep Skinを使用。皮の中でも軽くてきめが細かいため、とても肌触りがよいのがシープスキンの特徴です。


This method of tanning using tannins contained in plants requires more than 30 tanning steps to become leather.
Unlike modern and mainstream chrome tanning, this method, which takes a lot of time and labor, makes it difficult for the leather to lose shape, has excellent hygroscopic properties, and its greatest feature is the shine and familiar feel that appears with the passage of time.
The texture of this 100% natural leather improves with use.



Made in FRANCE

All of the processes to make this chair are carried out in France.
The wood used is solid wood beech domestically produced in France. The frame that is assembled by curving it into shape using traditional methods fits around your body naturally so that you do not feel tired even if you sit on it for a long time.



The cushion part is made from feather and down. As well as that, the spring provided in the under part that takes time and labor to set up and is known as the biconic spring, firmly supports your body.
Horse hair is used in the material for the arms and back part of the item. It has durability without losing its shape even after decades of usage, has the breathability and hygroscopicity that 100% natural materials provide, and the way it is made enables it always to be a piece of furniture that is loved without ever wearing out.
Craftsmen from the home country of the furniture have reproduced the very best chairs in modern times by spending a lot of time and effort on the traditional production methods of times past.
We respect the craftsmanship of the country of origin and we offer this chair to you with total commitment to pride and quality.




It has been developed in four colors: Fauve, Brown, French Red, and Patina Green.
All color dyes are handmade using 100% natural dyes, and the finish produces the natural aging effect known as Patina that is created by usage over time.
It would give us great pleasure if this chair can give you the joy of using and caring for something over a long period of time, rather than just the joy of buying and using something.



Bespoke Order

It is also possible to produce based on customer’s order.
Please work together with Lloyd’s Antiques’ furniture and order an item that is specially made only for you.

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· We accept orders for items that are not in the stores.
· Delivery time for orders is usually about 6 months.






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