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Italian Brass

The reproduction series is special furniture domestically manufactured in accordance with specific construction methods. A contemporary sense is added to the design that is faithful to the original.


Lloyd’s Antiques’ Reproduction Italian Brass series is comprised of outstanding items designed in Italy, using Italian technology and manufactured locally in a factory in Italy.
Pure brass has been used for top class furniture and interior decorations for many different kinds of facilities, such as passenger ships, because it has both resistance to harsh environments and gracefulness. Before the finishing stage, there is a lot of work done by hand and delicate processes.
The taste of the traditional design is retained but a sophisticated design is incorporated at the same time, and by fusing this with the craftsmanship, a very unique and high quality Italian brass series was created.


Chiavari Chair

The Chiavari chair which can be said to be synonymous with the Reproduction Italian Brass series was created by furniture craftsman Giuseppe Gaetano Descalzi in the port town called Chiavari in the northwestern part of Italy.
At the time, Descalzi was aiming to achieve both weight reduction and splendor in the original design style made from wood called Campanino. In the Italian brass series’ Chiavari chair, a sense of solidness is added along with the elegant texture of brass.


リプロダクション・イタリアンブラスシリーズの代名詞ともいえるキアヴァリチェアは、イタリア北西部のキアヴァリという港町の家具職人Giuseppe Gaetano Descalziによって生み出されました。

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