Lloyd’s Antiques

Reproduction Series


The reproduction series is special furniture domestically manufactured in accordance with specific construction methods. A contemporary sense is added to the design that is faithful to the original.


The majestic atmosphere of Lloyd’s Antiques’ Reproduction Hanging is being produced at the factory in the UK by brass.
Hanging means a hanging rail sculpted from solid brass and iron and beautifully finished in styles such as British Victorian or French Art Deco.The presence of a unique hanging item using plenty of brass will be a strong accent either for shop fitting or for home use.


Bespoke Order

We can produce a custom-made item if customers order a combination of items from the product legs and size combinations.

· Please contact us for availability of in-store products and stock arrival schedule.
· We accept orders for items that are not in the stores.
· Delivery time for orders is usually about 6 months.





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