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Reproduction Series

Fablic Sofa

The reproduction series is special furniture domestically manufactured in accordance with specific construction methods. A contemporary sense is added to the design that is faithful to the original.


Lloyd’s Antiques’ fabric sofa is made in Britain and the authentic British antique atmosphere is reproduced in each sofa that is individually made for each customer. This is a really special piece of furniture.
The fabric sofa is made of high quality materials by the hands of skilled craftsmen rather than by machines. These manufacturers who specialize in traditional sofas pay careful attention to the details and create each item with pride.
You can select the fabric that you like the best from the fabrics that we have prepared and place your order. The fabric you choose will be adjusted to fit every contour of the sofa, adjusted with pins, and cut after matching with the pattern. This is the decisive difference that distinguishes the handwork by skilled craftsmen from mechanized processes.
Please work together with Lloyd’s Antiques’ furniture and order an item that is specially made only for you.



Solid beach material is used for the frame. The arms are joined by dowels and the item has excellent durability. In addition, coil springs are used in the arm parts and flat springs are used in the back part.
Springs are an important factor that determine the comfort of the sofa, and in one sofa nine kinds of springs are used in different ways in accordance with strict criteria. In addition, springs also play a role in the prevention of the collapse of the shape.
After the frame and springs are assembled, animal hair is added to the arm parts and the edges of the front so as to prevent deflection and sinking.
The advantages of the features of both down and feathers are employed in the seat and back.




We use fabrics from the UK company, Titley and Marr, a fabric maker that handles about 300 different patterns, centering on traditional British motifs. Lloyd’s Antiques is Titley and Marr’s exclusive agent in Japan.
In the UK, the custom in upper class households is to appoint a dedicated coordinator and leave the coordination of the home up to the coordinator. Titley and Marr is the fabric maker used by these appointed coordinators. It can be said that it is a reliable manufacturer in terms of quality, design and rich diversity in the types of fabrics offered.


英国の伝統的な絵柄のモチーフを中心とし、約300種類の柄を扱っているファブリックメーカーである英国 Titley and Marrのファブリックを使用しています。ロイズ・アンティークスはTitley and Marrの日本における総代理店です。
英国の上流階級の家庭では専属のコーディネーターをかかえ、自宅のコーディネートを一任する文化があります。そのコーディネーター達が御用達のファブリックメーカーがTitley and Marrです。質、デザイン、種類の豊富さの面において信頼性のあるメーカーであると言えるでしょう。



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