In Europe, there is the custom of treasuring old furniture passed down through the generations from parent to child. If the furniture is broken, it is carefully repaired and scratches are left as memories. Furniture carefully treated like this conveys the traditions and formalities of the house from the past to the present and the future. As a result of this way of thinking, good quality antique furniture has continued to actively thrive without fading over time. Lloyd’s Antiques conveys a sense of European culture through antique furniture, and expresses to everyone this way of thinking with the name “Save the Antiques”.

ヨーロッパには、親から子へと代々受け継がれた古い家具を、とても大切にする習慣があります。壊れたら丁寧に修理し、キズの一つ一つも思い出として残す。このように大切に扱われた家具は、その家の伝統と格式を過去から現在、そして未来へと伝えていきます。こうした精神があるからこそ、良質なアンティーク家具が、時を経てもなお色褪せることなく現役として活躍しているのです。ロイズ·アンティークスはアンティーク家具というヨーロッパ文化をお届けするとともに、こうした精神を”Save the Antiques”の名のもとに皆様に伝えています。


Have you ever seen the hallmark engraved on the back of the antique furniture sold at Lloyd’s Antiques? The hallmark that we decided on represents our concept of wanting to be a shop that respects both history and dignity. The design of the hallmark respects the origin of Lloyd’s in Britain with a coat of arms incorporating the cross from the St. George Cross flag of England within the frame. Furniture bought in Europe and repaired by the restorative work of experts in the two countries, Britain and Japan, has the hallmark burned into it as proof that Lloyd’s standards of quality has been reached.

This hallmark seal indicates that you can use this furniture with confidence as it is “furniture that satisfies the quality standards of Lloyd’s Antiques”.

We would like you to experience the feeling of the good old days in Britain and Europe by relating to the thoughts that we express through this hallmark.

ロイズ·アンティークスで販売されるアンティーク家具の裏側に刻まれているホールマークをご覧になったことはありますか。 私たち自身が歴史と品格を重んじるショップでありたいという想いから、イングランド国旗のセント·ジョージ·クロスを模した十字架を、ロイズの原点である英国に敬意を表してコートオブアームズの枠の中へと収め、ホールマークのデザインとしました。 ヨーロッパで買い付けられ、英国と日本の2か国のレストアラーたちの手により修復を施された家具は、ロイズの品質基準に達した証としてホールマークが焼き付けられます。

Lloyd’s Style

If you introduce just one piece of furniture that you love into your life, everyday life will become fun and exciting. Above all, it is strange but antique furniture really enhances the atmosphere of the room, creating a higher quality space. The appeal of antique furniture is the way it produces such a magical atmosphere. Since opening the first shop in Tokyo in 1988, we have been helping to design people’s living space in various ways. One way has been through antique furniture and we have enjoyed sharing the moments when we have been able to make many customers happy.

We began with British antique furniture and along with the cultural development of clothing, housing and lifestyle, our perspectives were naturally broadened by the influence of a wider area from the UK to Northern Europe, and then throughout the whole of Europe.
And now we are proposing a “Mixed Culture Style” as a style for interiors which blends the cultures from a wide range of different eras.